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*DbD* Byte

Remembering My First

Days Of Playing


It seems like it was just yesterday that I started playing this game. After finishing UnrealTournament, I discovered it could be played online. Ohh yes, I was bad, ( or so I though).

Back then I used a compuke 500MHz with, get this, a Savage 4 with a Voodoo2 kicker. Yea, I rocked with my 14 FPS ( Frames Per Second ).

One of the very first servers I entered was Reapers 2399 server. I had no idea what a giant map was. All I knew was everything was so huge and I was this 2 inch tall guy. The first giant map I seen was a Bedroom map. As I recall, there was 1 human in that map, the rest were bots.

Im walking along the bed and I see something between the pillows. ( ESR ) I pick it up and fire it. ?? wtf, shoots red stuff, must be broke or somethin. I see a bot and fire. HOLY MOTHER OF MARY! Lookie at what that gun did to that bot!!

About that same time, I get nailed. WOW! Where did THAT come from. Respawn: I see a player, looks like he's flyin around. Great, he cheats! ( What I was seeing was him using his TransLocator, something I never used in the actual game.) BLAM! I get nailed again. At this time I was convinced that person HAD to be cheating, after all, I finished UnrealTournament so he HAS to be cheating. The player I was up against was, noneother then {2399}Reaper himself. After a few colorful words from me, I was quickly, and justly, kicked from the server. This happened sereral times that day. After gettin tried of getting kicked and havin problems connecting ( can someone say ur butts been banned? ) lol, I choose to have it out through PMs and emails. Needless to say, we worked it out and my ban was lifted.

I had been playin UT tagless for about a week when I met ChristoMundo and not long after that, {BOP}Beat Stick.

Christo spent countless hours with me teachin me the basics of this game. Not long after that I became a {BOP} member. {BOP} was in the middle of rebuilding at that time so the member count wasn't many. {BOP} had some matches, we didn't do all that well at times but we did win a few. As with many games, some of the {BOP} players began to get bored with the game. Beat Stick ended up leaving for awhile and Christo got a chance to become a member with a clan that helped me out ALOT!

{CoC} creatures of chaos

After Christo left {BOP} the clan itself was left to me. Ok, so here I am, a n00b player and all the sudden I become a Clan Leader. I began recruting players.Jackass, Maxpain, Majorpain, Blondie, Frag Deaster and several others. We wasn't the best but we could hang with most clans. Not knowing ANYTHING about bein a Clan Leader, I asked for help.

{CoC} allowed me into there forum to help show me how a clan is run. It was then brought to my attention that some of the {CoC} players WERE {BOP} at one time. I thought that was cool because many of the best players in the GMC that are {CoC} were {BOP} at one time. One of the members were {CoC}Almighty. Mike as I know him as. This guy played this game as if it was an art. many times I spectated him to watch how he played. I have and always will look up to him, even though he is officially retired. Long live {CoC}Almighty!

Time went by and things began to not go so well. I lost the spare time I had and didn't have the time to be a good leader. I offered the leadership to a few {BOP} members but they declined to take over. I had 2 choices. #1. Close BOP or #2.mearge with another clan. Around that same time I met *DbD*SuperiorWoman, or Amy as I know her. We talked for countless hours on Yahoo messenger. An idea came up about a merge.................Within that clan, I met awesome people like *DbD* WastedMind ( I hated this guy at first ), *DbD*Dad, And *DbD*GreenGoblin, just to name a few.

We worked out the details and {BOP} and *DbD* had a sucessful merge.

Not long after that Beat Stick made his return and my problems bagan ( not because of you dude ;) ) {2399}Reaper offered me a spot in 2399. To me, that was a dream come true. Feeling stingy, I wanted to take Beat Stick with me. This took about a month to convince 2399 that Beat wouldn't join just to leave....... Well, my dream became a reality so I choose to leave *DbD* to go to my " dream clan." I was on top of the world. To bad I didn't really fit in. Wasn't long and I was asked to leave, no reason to be posted here.

Anyways, there's so much more to this game then the game itself. I have made SO many friends because of this game. Many from several different clans. =FaA=, [IFC], {CBGB} and several others. Thanks all for your help!!